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Newtown Historic District

The Newtown area was first documented as a major crossroads in the time of the Powhatan Confederacy. What is today Route 14 was once called the Chiskiack Trail. As the first settlers colonized the new world, they traced the land routes of the natives. The Chiskiack Trail was known as the Great Post Road or the King’s Highway to colonists. The road lead settlers from Williamsburg to Philadelphia, two of the most important places in Colonial America. Numerous travelers used the post road, and the Newtown area was known as the Great Cross Roads. The name Newtown derived from a neighboring plantation originally owned by Captain John Richards. Today, Newtown retains much of its late-19th/early-20th century character. Many of the structures, with the exception of the firehouse and some outbuildings, date prior to 1925. Newtown will forever be the site where King and Queen County roads connect: the place where visitors and travelers can connect.

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