The Commissioner of the Revenue is a state constitutional officer as set forth in the Constitution of Virginia and is the chief assessing officer of the local government. It is an elected position for a four-year term and serves the taxpayers as well as the County. The Commissioner of the Revenue’s Office is responsible for preparing the land book and personal property book used for taxation purposes each year. This office also processes state income taxes and refunds.

It is the goal of this office to provide the highest quality of customer service to all citizens of King and Queen County. We strive to be courteous, efficient, timely, and diligent in performing duties in the following areas:

  • Assessing all new construction and changes to improvements on real estate
  • Administering tax relief for the elderly, disabled, and veterans
  • Assessing all personal property, including machinery and equipment, of individuals and businesses
  • Assessing all businesses sited in the county for business license
  • Administering Public Service Corporation Taxes

Commissioner of the Revenue, Kelly N. Lumpkin
Chief Deputy CommissionerBrenda Robinson
Deputy Commissioner, vacant

Address and Contact Information

King & Queen County Commissioner of Revenue
242 Allen’s Circle, Suite I
P.O. Box 178
King and Queen C.H., VA 23085

Phone: (804) 785-5976 or (804) 769-5002
Fax: (804) 785-5880

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday

Important Dates to Remember
  • Personal Property Tax Due Date: December 5th of each year
  • Real Estate Tax Due Dates: December 5th of each year
  • Vehicle License Fee Due Date: April 30th of each year
  • Business License Fee Due: March 1st of each year
  • Dog Tag Payment Due Date: By February 1st of each year
  • Real Estate Tax Exemption for the Elderly and Disabled: April 1st of each year

Helpful Resources

Please visit the following links to learn more about payment options and other information.