It is the responsibility of this department to administer and coordinate the land use policies of the county as stated in its Comprehensive Plan and implemented in its Zoning and Subdivision Ordinances. A key tool in the efforts of the planning department is the Geographic Information System (GIS) whereby all of the physical attributes of the county are assembled to help understand the interrelationship of these attributes.

Director of Community DevelopmentDonna Elliott Sprouse
Environmental Codes Compliance OfficerJoshua Rellick

Address and Contact Information

242 Allens Circle, Suite L
P.O. Box 177
King and Queen C.H., VA 23085

Planning & Zoning Department

Phone: (804) 785-5975 x2, option 1
Fax: (804) 785-5999

Codes Compliance & Land Disturbance/Wetlands

Phone: (804) 785-5975 x2, option 2
Fax: (804) 785-5999

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Monday – Friday


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General Information

Forms and Policies

Planning Commission

The King & Queen County Planning Commission hold their meetings on the first Monday of every month.

The meetings begin at 6:00 p.m. and are held in the General District Courtroom in the Courts and Administrative Building. Occasionally, due to legal holidays or other conflicts, meeting dates and times are changed or cancelled.

Monthly Meeting Dates

  • January 2, 2024
  • February 5, 2024 Cancelled
  • March 4, 2024 Cancelled
  • April 1, 2024
  • May 6, 2024
  • June 3, 2024 Cancelled
  • July 1, 2024
  • August 5, 2024
  • September 3, 2024
  • October 7, 2024
  • November 4, 2024
  • December 2, 2024
Planning Commission Members
NameMailing AddressDistrictTerm
Barry Allen4644 The Trail
Bruington, VA 23023
St. Stephens ChurchExpires: 11/15/2026
Sherrin Alsop13325 Newtown Road
Newtown, VA 23126
NewtownExpires: 07/10/2027
Comer Jackson314 Chatham Hill Road
St. Stephens Ch., VA 23148
St. Stephens ChurchExpires: 05/10/2025
Edmond “Ed” Wilson, Jr.257 Rosemount Road
Walkerton, VA 23177
St. Stephens ChurchExpires: 12/31/2024
Robert W. Coleman, Jr.182 River Bluff Lane
King & Queen C.H., VA 23085
StevensvilleExpires: 11/16/2024
Mac M. BradleyP.O. Box 11
Walkerton, VA 23177
StevensvilleExpires: 11/15/2026
David Campbell2794 Clancie Road
Shacklefords, VA 23156
ShanghaiExpires: 11/8/2025
Michael P. Fleming1254 Elsom Mascot Road
Mattaponi, VA 23110
ShanghaiExpires: 11/15/2026
Hunter B. Richardson3997 Buena Vista Road
Shacklefords, VA 23156
Buena VistaExpires: 03/08/2025
Jonathan Massey207 Michaels Lane
Mattaponi, VA 23110
Buena VistaExpires: 12/31/2027

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) is a citizen board appointed by the Circuit Court to hear petition requests for special exceptions (for example, temporary manufactured home requests and their renewals, private kennel requests, and one-chair beauty shop requests) and variance requests (for example, height exception, no public road frontage exceptions and exceptions for lot width). The BZA also hears appeals from Planning director decisions regarding administrative variances or the interpretation of the zoning ordinance.

Board of Zoning Appeals Members
NameMailing AddressDistrictTerm
Bruce Taylor2287 Rose Mount Road
Walkerton, VA 23177
St. Stephens ChurchExpires: 12/14/2025
Ann Marie Voight17266 The Trail
King & Queen CH., VA 23085
StevensvilleExpires: 01/13/2025
Kim SadlerP.O. Box 406
Shacklefords, VA 23156
ShanghaiExpires: 12/31/2028
Robert T. Bland, IVP.O. Box 1678
West Point, VA 23181
Buena VistaExpires: 07/13/2025
Robert W. Coleman, Jr.182 River Bluff Lane
King & Queen C.H., VA 23085
Planning Commission RepresentativeExpires: 08/08/2027